Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard the online Home of Verity Publishers. We are South African based Publishers of all types of conventional books and eBooks. Our mission is to change the art of book publishing in Africa, and establish our name right away in the cutting-edge annals of the publishing industry. We target to become one of Africa’s leading publishers of high quality works in critical thinking, philosophy, history, politics, health, fiction and non-fiction, self-help, religion, contemporary issues, and authoritative scholarly work of notable authors. On this premise we have erected the foundational identity of our central mission in the publishing industry.

We offer the best of both traditional and self-publishing services. We provide complete book publishing packaging alongside comprehensive distribution and marketing services. If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us at mail@veritypublishers.co.za or 012 943 6181 and we will readily be at hand to assist you.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become one of Africa's leading publishers of authoritative thoughtful books. And our mission is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We are committed to providing superior products and services at the highest level of artistic and technical standards and professionalism possible.

To be an integral partner for research and professional documents in the various communities and institutions where we operate.

To deliver excellent values in academic and scholarly publishing - resourceful, authoritative, thoughful books.

Our Services Include

Our Subsidy Program

We run a subsidy program where we assist self-published authors to publish or republish their works at reasonable and affordable cost. Verity Publishers will provide all facilities from A-Z, as in our traditional publishing, to facilitate the publication of all works admitted for our subsidy program into print and digital editions. For details, drop a message for us via the contact form at the top right coner of this page.

Publish with us

We provide a comprehensive book publishing package with full access to our distribution network. Send further enquiries to: mail@veritypublishers.co.za or simply complete the form on our contact page online

Our Distribution Channels

We maintain relationships with the most comprehensive portfolio of conventional and online booksellers serving consumers around the world. Our list of global channel distributors for paperback and eBook is impressive, and all our authors enjoy this benefit.