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U-Paddy no-Lilly

Martha Nyahwedegwe

  • Isbn(Print) 9781928348412
  • Isbn (E-book)
  • pages 40
  • Price 149
  • Published 2017-02-03

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About the book

U-Paddy no-Lilly bahlala e-Kummage Manor noMnu. noNkk. Finch. U-Paddy ungunojwaja ogangile.
U-Lilly yisikhukhukazi esiyisilima nesiyivila, nakuba evame ukuzalela amaqanda anezikhupha ezimbili, okuyiyonanto emenza athandwe nguNkk. Finch.
Le ndaba emnandi yalaba ababili – u-Paddy no-Lilly – izohlekisa izingane ezincane nezindala futhi izigcine zithokozile lapho zifunda le ncwadi yezindaba enemifanekiso emihle.

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Martha Nyahwedegwe

About the author

Martha Nyahwedegwe (Author of Bleeding Independence) was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She went to Munyaradzi High School and later studied at Speciss College before furthering her education at the University of Zimbabwe. She currently resides in South Africa. Paddy and Lilly is her second literary work. Martha is a devout Christian who has a passion for writing, and also enjoys reading.

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