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Grim Determination

Chris Elsom

  • Isbn(Print) 9780620528184
  • Isbn (E-book) N/A
  • pages 184
  • Price 159
  • Published 2012-04-20

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About the book

All the stories are true, even those about the author's trouble-stirring alter-ego, Alfred, whose escapades mostly end up with the same result - forcing them to flee for their lives... Today they are still on the run, thanks to The Hague and Amnesty International ignoring their pleas for asylum. Undaunted, he and Alfred continue to challenge the Misinformation Superhigh-way and risk their lives in their mission to expose the BIG NEW SA LIES!

In the 80's South Africa had its own 'Nam' - in the sands of the Namib. It wasn't a 'fashionable' war and little has been written about it. Decades later, after losing everything to crime and corruption in the 'New' SA, the author realized that the only thing he hadn't lost was his sense of humour, which became the weapon-of-choice in his fight-back...

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Chris Elsom

About the author

CHRIS ELSOM, Former South African Soldier and Marketing Manager of a national Tyre Company is a fourth generation Spaniard born in Cape Town, South Africa. Elsom has for years been keeping a record of his experiences and adventures in South Africa and abroad in what he calls his Mayhem Files. Grim Determination is the first series of stories from the Mayhem Files. All the stories are true...