Black Gold

Omoragbon Osasu

  • Isbn(Print) 9780992218843
  • Isbn (E-book) 9780992218850
  • pages 364
  • Price 299
  • Published 2015-03-08

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About the book

Daniel lost his mother at birth, and he had to grow up with a hostile step mother and siblings who hated him like a plague. Forced into prison too early in life, he had to make do with the only education available to him − crime. But never once did he lose sight of his ultimate goal − a chance to change his misfortune - no matter what it took. Through sheer ruthlessness, intelligence and courage, Daniel eventually transformed his ordinary life into a tale of remarkable success.

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Omoragbon Osasu

About the author

Osasu Omoragbon holds a Bsc degree in Accounting from the prestigious University of Benin. He is currently a Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Edo State Nigeria on Youth empowerment. He is also a relationship counsellor and motivational speaker.