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Llofo ya metlholo

Diamond Adebowale

  • Isbn(Print) 9781928348047
  • Isbn (E-book) 9781928348054
  • pages 48
  • Price 129
  • Published 2015-05-15

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About the book

Dimaka tse dingwe di tota di itumedisa…
Kwa toropong ya bogologolo ya Mazutu, mokopi mongwe yo o makgasa yo o neng a kopa fa thoko ga tsela, o kile amogela khumo ya selegodimo ka Llofo ya Metlholo.
Kgang e e tseisang manya ya ga Kula, mokopi wa segole fa thoko ga tsela, yo o neng a fitlhelela ditoro tsa gagwe go feta ka moo a neng a dumela ka teng, e tlotliwa ka boitumelo ke Mama Afrika.

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Diamond Adebowale

About the author

Diamond Adebowale is a twenty-two year old Linguistics and Communication graduate who qualified from Osun State University in 2014.