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Apostle Frequency Nkomo

  • Isbn(Print) 9780620642231
  • Isbn (E-book)
  • pages 292
  • Price 249
  • Published 2015-01-08

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About the book

New Revelations of Faith provides a solution to myriad of questions that for ages have remained unaswered. It gives accurate answers as to why your faith did not work in the past, why you did not receive answers to your prayers, and why you did not receive the dimension of blessings which you believe God for. The inspired revelations and testimonies published in this book will definitely put the springs of faith into your spirit and catapult you into higher realms of blessings.

If you want divine breakthroughs - healing, promotion, prosperity, and millions of heaven's wealth - to manifest speedily in your life than you ever dreamed possible, then continue to fill your spirit with a flood of living revelations encapsulated in this book. Following the reading of book, many people will certainly receive amazing breakthroughs in their finances, ministries, families, careers and businesses.

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Apostle Frequency Nkomo

About the author

Apostle Frequency Nkomo is the president, founder and vision bearer of Frequency Revelator Ministries (FRM), a worldwide multiracial ministry that encompasses a myriad of movements with divine visions such as Global Apostolic Network (GAN), Christ Resurrection Movement (CRM), Global Power Ministries (GPM), Revival for Southern Africa (REFOSA), Global Destiny Outreach (GDO), and the Global Church (Christ Resurrection Centre Ministries).