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Adolescent Aggression

Dr Gary W. Elliott

  • Isbn(Print) 9780994654229
  • Isbn (E-book)
  • pages 226
  • Price 229
  • Published 2015-12-09

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About the book

Research indicates that the level of aggressive behaviour increases from around eight years of age and tends to peak at approximately sixteen years. It has been suggested that hormonal levels during adolescent is partly responsible for the increased irritability of teenagers. The gender debate around different forms of aggressiion should tweak the interest of the reader.
Depression among teenagers is on the rise and this book serves to attempt to dispel some of the myths around teenage depression. Depression's link to anger and aggression is discussed in details, and teenage defences are given comprehensive attention. The text concludes with some alternative remedies for reducing aggression in children, and outlines some tips for parents to assist with managing and reducing aggressive outburst in their adolescent.

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Dr Gary W. Elliott

About the author

Dr Gary W. Elliott was raised in Carlisle, England and immigrated to South Africa in 1984. He was trained as an Educator at the Pretoria College of Education and went on to complete his doctoral degree at AIU. Dr Elliott is a Deputy Principal and Educator with 22 years experience.

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