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FURY: The Roar of a Lioness

Sipho Mnguni

  • Isbn(Print) 9781990985126
  • Isbn (E-book)
  • pages 248
  • Price 230
  • Published 2021-01-26

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About the book

The lioness finally roars against the violence of silence… as the several years of sexual abuse engender the fury boiling in her heart.

This novel is written amidst the scourge of Gender-Based-Violence crippling South Africa, and creating a society where women live in constant fear for their lives. It captures the journey of Nobantu Zwane, who is shattered by the recurrent sexual and domestic abuses besetting women. Her unique perspective as a woman, who herself was a target of sexual abuse, provides bracing recognition and direction for abused women who struggle to deal with, or recover from the toxins of abusive relationships. Most importantly, she tries to prevent the next generation of women from suffering the same fate. Thus, to expose the faults of the justice system, she institutes a formidable Women’s Liberation Movement, aimed at beating every man who abuses a woman. But the movement soon becomes a beast she can’t control; and in her attempts to solve the problem, ironically she ends up putting more women in danger. She soon realizes that violence isn’t the answer and begins to work with other organizations fighting for the same cause. On her personal life, she realizes that to better navigate the complex dynamics of a marriage, there’s no knowing what the ups are than forgiveness.

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Sipho Mnguni

About the author

Sipho Mnguni is a poet and author of two self-published books, UHURU – The Pursuit of the African Dream, and a romantic novel titled, Fallen Petals – Love, Loss and Healing. He is passionate about Arts and Literature, and he calls himself a developing philosopher. His greatest achievement would be to see the philosophy he is developing being taught in schools. Secondly, it would be him qualifying as a professor of literature in one of our universities.