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Kaizer Mabhilidi Nyatsumba

  • Isbn(Print) 9781928348184
  • Isbn (E-book)
  • pages 166
  • Price 179
  • Published 2016-12-09

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About the book

In Love with a Stranger is a moving collection of short stories by Johannesburg-based Kaizer Mabhilidi Nyatsumba, whose impressive powers of human observations and acclaimed writing expertise are on display in this book. Contained in it are fascinating short stories written at a time when South Africa was going through an historic political transition that gripped the world’s attention. Although based in South Africa, the stories have a universal appeal. While some may be of greater interest or relevance to people in countries dealing with conflicts or going through transitions, the themes and emotions that the stories touch upon are universal in nature, such as love and fear, among others.

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Kaizer Mabhilidi Nyatsumba

About the author

A former Newspaper Editor, Kaizer Mabhilidi Nyatsumba is currently the CEO of the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa. He was educated at Georgetown University in the USA and the University of Hull in the UK.

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