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  • Vusi finds a frog and other stories for pre-schoolers

Vusi finds a frog and other stories for pre-schoolers

Grace Meyer

  • Isbn(Print) 9781990985058
  • Isbn (E-book)
  • pages 70
  • Price 149
  • Published 2021-01-04

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About the book

A collection of stories which depict everyday experiences in the lives of little children.
These incidents show how simple happenings can reveal a variety of emotions like anxiety, curiosity, compassion, sadness and happiness. The activities and experiences described are common to most children. The central theme throughout the stories revolves around happiness. The aim is to show that it is the simple things in life which make one happy.

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Grace Meyer

About the author

The author has grown up with a passionate interest in reading, telling and writing stories, first to her siblings then to her own children and grandchildren. She qualified as a language teacher and taught and lectured from pre-school to tertiary level. Her dream was realized when she completed her training in pre-school education and together with her sister and brother founded an organization which trains mothers and grandmothers from rural areas and informal settlements in pre-school education and development. She continues to tell stories to her grandchildren and to teach literacy to adults.