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Whispers of a Soul

Chantal Emmenis

ISBN: 9781928348078

Publication Date: May 2020

Pages: 140

Format: Paperback


Every ounce of emotion a person may feel is written between the pages of this book. Whispers of a Soul is about life and what happens in life. Every poem is written with intense passion for life, feeling things like love in a way often difficult to describe.Love is more than just something you feel and do; it’s an emotional journey through life, a need higher than actions or words. This book is not just about reading poems, it’s a life journey in black and white. It’s an emotional roller-coaster filled with laughter, tears, passion and love described in a way that places the reader in someone else’s shoes, experiencing the emotions felt at that moment and often relating to the reader’s innermost feelings.

Chantal Emmenis is a freelance writer residing in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga. She had a poem published in "Trials and Tribulations" in conjuction with other poets after participating in a writing competition. She is a qualified depression counsellor and has a passion for helping people. She has a passion for life, writing poetry, and sketching. Her biggest love is her son, Ayden, with whom she spends most of her free time.