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The Greatest Perfidy

Bonakele Gubenyathe

ISBN: 9781990985096

Publication Date: Jan 2021

Pages: 210

Format: Paperback


Ayanda had no idea of the turbulent life’s journey that lay ahead of her when she joined two boys, who were her classmates, in a study group. Growing up and doing things together for the better part of their life, the two young boys become attracted to Ayanda. Young, inexperienced and immature, one boy tells the other of his intention to befriend Ayanda and asks him for help to achieve his aim, unaware that his disclosure could lead to acrimony between them. Struggling with the possibility of losing out to his only friend, Mbongeni resorts to being dishonest and ends up betraying his childhood friend so as to get Ayanda for himself. A lot happens after Mbongeni’s marriage to Ayanda. Dust seems to have settled but not for long, as the string of ineffable malice that blurs the lines between friendship and revenge leads to dire consequences.

Bonakele Jeremiah Gubenyathe was born on the 30th of March 1977 in a township called Tikwana in Hooostad, Free State Province. At a very young age of four he relocated to Molelema, a village in the outskirts of Taung in the North West province where he started his schooling. In the early 90’s he left the village to live with his father in Bekkersdal where he continued with his education. In 1999 and 2013 he enrolled with Randfontein College and UNISA, respectively. He started working at Spoornet in Ogies as a Train Assistant and three years later started teaching at Simunye Adult Center. Around 2011 he went to teach at Westonaria Adult Centre, teaching Life Sciences, Life Orientation and English Grade 12. He is now home in Tikwana and is self-employed. When not writing novels, Bonakele likes keeping himself busy with the construction work. He was inspired by the likes of Nceba Tyobeka through his novel Since Mandela had died. Bonakele likes working out in the gym and also designing house plans.