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Sin Has No Skin Colour

Don M. Lepati

ISBN: 9781990985034

Publication Date: Jan 2021

Pages: 144

Format: Paperback


How different is the ANC from the former apartheid oppressors? Is it a small sin when a Black is robbed and oppressed by a fellow Black, but a big sin when that robber and oppressor is a White? Does sin have skin colour? This book borrows from existing research to unearth the truth about the history of oppression in South Africa. It demonstrates that the history of South Africa is not about the oppression of Blacks by Whites, or the liberation of Blacks from apartheid, but about greed and desire to dominate others. The book further demonstrates that the ANC’s power is stolen power; first stolen when they wrestled control of the party from then President, Albert Luthuli. Then they went on a campaign to miseducate the poor, in order to steal their vote. Then they enriched themselves by mercilessly robbing them – the very people who voted them into power. Who do the ANC represent? Do Black lives matter to them?

Don Lepati was born in Lesotho and became a permanent resident of South Africa in 1994. He currently lives in Johannesburg. Don has a BA degree (cum laude) from the National University of Lesotho and an MSc from Queen’s University School of Graduate Studies and Research in Canada. He is a former university lecturer. His passions include politics and storytelling. His first book, A Warning to the Christly, was published in 2011.