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  • The Crisis of Religion

The Crisis of Religion

Adebowale Ojowuro

  • Isbn(Print) 9780620445832
  • Isbn (E-book) N/A
  • pages 368
  • Price 249
  • Published 2012-05-22

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About the book

This 368 page book critically re-examines theology and the disturbing trend to which religious practices and dogmatic faith have dangerously malformed in the new social order of our modern civilization. The Crisis of Religion is a comprehensive polygraph test for organized religions and their gods — a thorough lie detection analysis of cognitive errors of the fundamental theologies that bind humanity to religious beliefs. Attentive readers of this book would evidently discern how staggering and incredibly infinite the human stupidity truly is where it concerns religion and dogmatic faith. Amid the heat of convincing rationale, the author in his critical examination of the differing theologies of the world’s dominant religions, explicitly sums up his expositions on religion thus: "The deceit to turn human judgement into divine command is the hit in the highest point of all spurious impositions that makes religion the most dreadful scam the world has ever known."

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Adebowale Ojowuro

About the author

Adebowale Ojowuro, a South African of Nigerian descent, is a freethought activist, Secularist, writer, and philosopher who constantly articulates critical voice of reason against the foulness of dogmatic system of belief that persistently breeds very awkward delusions of terrible nature for successive generations of the entire black race to be contented with not understanding the world they live in under repressive control of organized religions.

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