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  • The Metaphysical Method of Success

The Metaphysical Method of Success

Geraldine M. Pennels

  • Isbn(Print) 9780992174224
  • Isbn (E-book) N/A
  • pages 226
  • Price 189
  • Published 2012-09-20

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About the book

Do you regularly pray but hardly ever receive any satisfactory answer to your prayers, and in desperation consulted with a psychic, fortune teller, astrologer, shaman or sangoma, yet no pleasing, happy outcome for your desires? Do you sometimes seek guidance from others or read what the stars foretell in the astrology section of newspapers or magazines, in an attempt to predict the future? Now you can discover your own creative abilities to manufacture your own future and all the things you desire. This book ventures into the forbidden territory of secret knowledge that has either been veiled in elusive nomenclature in ancient texts or tersely itemized in selective instalments in contemporary books. All the secret methods revealed in this book are pragmatic possibilities based on a consolidation of ancient metaphysical knowledge and modern scientific research, to bring you unrestricted enlightenment for creating the successful life you desire. These methods are realistic and helpful insights you can apply to manifest your desires. A must read for every person who seeks true happiness and fulfillment in life!

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Geraldine M. Pennels

About the author

Geraldine M. Pennels was born and raised in King William’s Town where she completed her high school education before studying at Rhodes University towards a B. Mus, Licentiate in Schoolmusic and MMus. She taught English and Music in high school before becoming an academic at the former University of Transkei, now called the Walter Sisulu University (WSU), where she completed her doctorate in education in 2002. After serving seventeen years at WSU, she moved to Fort Hare University (FHU) before retiring to Port Elizabeth at the end of 2006 where she currently devotes her time to research, writing and part-time teaching. As Head of Department at both WSU and FHU, she served as scribe, media liaison officer and writing consultant at departmental, faculty and executive university meetings and supervised various post-graduate dissertations.