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Evicted From My Space

Ifeanyi M. Urigwe

  • Isbn(Print) 9780992174262
  • Isbn (E-book) N/A
  • pages 252
  • Price 219
  • Published 2012-11-30

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About the book

Everyone has his or her accepted natural space under the sun. But when disturbing conditions and alarming state of affairs, prevalent in one’s native land, compel peculiar eviction and self-exile upon vast majority of fellow citizens, perilous threat is undeniably overshadowing the land.

Drawing on the negative effects of the Nigerian civil war that distressed his childhood life and the twenty-two successive years of nomadic migration across European countries and South Africa, the author blames his endless search for a more prosperous habitat away from his fatherland—Nigeria—on the well-entrenched culture of corruption.

This work highlights the plights of several African migrant workers, travelling to First World countries in search of greener pastures. It is evident from the series of stories in this book that efforts at eradicating deep-rooted corrupt systems from African society can be a life-threatening engagement that may result in one being evicted from his or her space.

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Ifeanyi M. Urigwe

About the author

Ifeanyi M. Urigwe was born shortly before the outbreak of the Nigerian civil war. He completed his tertiary education in 1990 and left Nigeria for Europe. After migrating European countries for three years in search of better life, Ifeanyi returned to Nigeria in 1993. His return coincided with the much anticipated dawn of democracy which never really happened. As his living conditions in his native country worsened, he was on the run again, this time, to the southern tip of the African continent where he works and lives to this day.