Asanda Netnou Mapara

  • Isbn(Print) 9781928348306
  • Isbn (E-book) 9781928348313
  • pages 110
  • Price 159
  • Published 2016-11-01

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About the book

How can we keep our relationships renewed and vibrant in the midst of worries and recurring demands of everyday life? This is a book of hope for couples and prospective couples! The simple but profound principles and processes packed in this book are effective approaches for achieving greater level of intimacy in our relationships. This is a book that makes one to do an introspection and offers an opportunity of learning and success in the area of marriage. It is a journey of revolution. The book opens us up on the realization that marriage is an essential part of God’s plan for humanity. Therefore, we owe it a duty to God and to ourselves to make it work. It is comforting that God is the author of marriage, meaning our Almighty creator has the official manual of do’s and don’ts, as well as beneficial guidelines to make us experience a blissful marital life.

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Asanda Netnou Mapara

About the author

Asanda Netnou Mapara is a born again Christian and a happily married mother of two lovely boys. She has served the Lord previously as a youth leader and home cell leader. She was born in a small town of Uitenhage, South Africa, to a single mother, Pumla Netnou. She studied Supply Chain Management and she is currently employed in a supply chain sector.