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Priceless Stories (Book 1)

Diamond Adebowale

ISBN: 9781928348689

Publication Date: June 2018

Pages: 86

Format: Paperback


This bumper 2-in-1 collection contains the moving story of a handicapped roadside beggar who had his destiny fulfilled in a wonderful way that’s beyond belief. The second is the story of Nkosazana, the beautiful princess of ancient Msondezi Kingdom… These delightful stories and the virtues they illustrate will help children, including teens and young adult understand the essentials of good character, and inspire them to always apply it in their life’s journey.

Diamond Adebowale holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Communication from Osun State University. She also holds a Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She has had the opportunity of being a shaper of young minds, as a teacher. Diamond writes intriguing stories for children, filled with all sorts of gems and life lessons.