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Ingcindezelo Yabantwana Bakathayela

Sindisiwe Gcumisa

ISBN: 9781990985041

Publication Date: Nov 2020

Pages: 98

Format: Paperback


This collection of poems and short stories is about predominantly highlighting the plight of children, women, and the youth of today. The poems in this book will take you through periods of sadness, joy, anger and sometimes despair. The short stories aim to remind us that loss, the accompanying sorrow and suffering happens, but it does pass. The hope is that the reader is reminded that we can change some of the unpleasant situations that we face in this journey that is life, learn from these difficult events, and carry on appreciating the gift of life.

The author is presenting her first book, a collection of Zulu poems and short stories. Her love of reading books started as a young child growing up in different parts of KwaZulu-Natal, fortunate to grow up surrounded by a variety of books which were predominantly written in the Zulu language. The inspiration to write started when she was a high school student at Our Lady of the Rosary Secondary School (formerly Montebello High School) and it continued when she studied at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Cardiff University and Brunel London University. She has elected to start with a collection of work written in the Zulu language even though she is currently residing abroad due to an increase in appreciation and respect of where she comes from, heavily influenced by events currently taking place around the world in 2020.