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A Destructive Way of Living

Ndabezinhle Mabuya

ISBN: 9781990985133

Publication Date: April 2021

Pages: 194

Format: Paperback


On his path to recovery from an ideal life decimated by drug and alcohol addiction, Ndabezinhle Mabuya, a Civil Engineer who rose to apex position of Technical Director in a government establishment before losing the plum job and everything he has to the sting of drug addiction, offers a revelatory insight into the dangerous world of substance use disorder. The author guides readers through the grim reality of the hazard of drug addiction in series of chilling stories told to offer hope and support to other victims struggling with the disease of addiction. It is a difficult story to narrate, but when someone dares all the odds to tell us the truth, it becomes a veritable source of inspiration and uplifting guide for people battling with similar problem; it also provides a soothing indulgent to cope with the emotional hurdles besetting family members of the addict. The book offers profound insight into the unimaginable havoc that the various forms of addiction has caused and continue to cause in the society, extending solutions to those still traversing the dark path. Not only has Ndabezinhle survived hell after losing all he has worked for, he amazingly lived to tell the story, forging a path to a life worth living. He is now the founder and chairperson of The GOODNEWS Company, a Non-Profit organization that provides rehabilitation and support for addicts.

Ndabezinhle Mabuya was born in Umlazi, a township south of Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. His family later moved to Yellowwood Park, a middle-class suburb, also located in the south of Durban. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering and in addition to writing, he is a certified Civil and Structural Engineer and Project Manager. After graduation from university, he worked his way up in the civil engineering and building industry. He made good strides both in the public and the private sectors as an employee, an executive and an office manager. He later started his private consulting business. He enjoyed some good successes in his career, including his personal and family matters until he got caught in the web of drug and alcohol addiction.

At the time of this publication, Ndabezinhle Mabuya has found sobriety, gaining strength and making good progress with his recovery programme and reclaiming his life. In addition to being a writer and a Civil Engineer, he is Chairperson and Founder of The Good-News Company, a Non-Profit organization whose mandate and goal is to educate and support patients suffering from the illness of addiction.