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Diamond Adebowale

Diamond Adebowale holds a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Communication from Osun State University. She also holds a Master's degree in Communication from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

She has had the opportunity of being a shaper of young minds, as a teacher. Diamond writes intriguing stories for children, filled with all sorts of gems and life lessons.

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Kaizer Nyatsumba

A former Newspaper Editor, Kaizer Mabhilidi Nyatsumba is currently the CEO of the Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa.

He was educated at Georgetown University in the USA and the University of Hull in the UK.

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Malie Olivier

Malie Olivier quit teaching a few years ago and decided to follow her dream. She is a South African writer that writes stories and novels with a South African flavour.

She has written many children's stories and YA novels. When she isn't writing she does editing, proofreading and translating.

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Liziwe Ntshengulana

Liziwe N. Ntshengulana is a former Circuit Manager of Koali-Nzo in Maluti District Department of Education.

She obtained her B.A and Honours degrees from the University of Transkei and University of South Africa. Liziwe is an N.L.P. Life Coach, N.L.P Time Line Therapists and Practitioner. She's also a daily Inspirational Speaker for both Alfred Nzo and Voice of Matat radios. Liziwe is also a contributor to a local Newspaper, 'The Informer' and Vice Chairperson of Matatiele Business Chamber.

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Nceba Tyobeka

Nceba Tyobeka is an ABET teacher at Bekkersdal Adult Education Centre. He is also employed, on part time basis, by the South Deep Gold mine ABET department.

He has written a number of impressive books, both in Xhosa and English. Some of his literary works have been recommended for publication by Shutter and Shooters publishers.

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Kola King

Kola King is a journalist and novelist. He worked for over two decades as a reporter, correspondent and editor in major national newspapers in Nigeria.

He's currently Managing Editor, Nigeria Now, a public policy magazine based in Abuja. He is also Country Director, Africa Institute For International Reporting (AIIR); Consultant, Public Review Newspaper, Freetown, Sierra-Leone. He earned a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos.

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